AFB30 - Seal Row Bench

Model AFB30
Dimensions 1454X750X840mm (LxWxH)
Item Weight 44.7kgs
Item Package 1265X480X320mm (LxWxH)
Package Weight 50.3kgs
Item Capacity (User weight) – 150kg | 330lbs, plus 100kgs weight
OEM Accept
Color Black,Silver, And Others

Products Details


Many great barbell back exercises build mass and strength in your lats, upper back, and posterior shoulder. Whether you’re a bodybuilder trying to beef up your v-taper or a powerlifter on the prowl for a new accessory movement, rows are a staple for a reason. That said, one variation that often gets pushed aside is the seal row. The seal row has you lying parallel to the ground on a weight bench, taking your lower back (and any potential momentum) out of the equation to help you really focus on building and strengthening your upper back. The Seal Row Bench is a highly useful piece of equipment that allows you to perform the Seal Row. The Seal Row is a lesser used variation of the barbell row that specifically isolates certain muscles in a highly effective way. The Seal Row Bench is uniquely optimized for both dumbbell and barbell seal row movements (aka bench pulls).The bench itself is made from 2x3” 11-gauge steel with an durable finish. At a height of 33”, the bench pad (your choice of Standard or Premium Texture Foam) allows users of any size to comfortably use the product. There is extra tighten knobs for the adjustment tube, avoiding any wobbling during exercise. 7 degrees out support will ensure the stability at any time. The Seal Row Benches includes a set of Sandwich J-Cups. We’ve also included a UHMW plastic cover on the bottom of the spine to protect both the barbell and bench unit in the event that an athlete reaches full range of motion and hits the bar against the spine.


  • High-density foam pads support your hips
  • Steel frame provides durable support
  • Height adjustable from 22.6” to 33” for a comfortable fit
  • Accommodates users up to 330 pounds
  • Front wheels for easy transportation

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