D650 – Classic T- bar Row

Model D650
Dimensions 1896*1002*265mm (LxWxH)
Item Weight 67.00kgs
Item Package 2195*880*315mm (LxWxH)
Package Weight 77.00kgs
Item Capacity (User weight) – 180kg | 396lbs(Plate weight) – 150kg | 330lbs
Certification ISO,CE,ROHS,GS,ETL
OEM Accept
Color Black, Silver, And Others

Products Details

D650 T-bar Row

The T-bar Row is famous for creating muscle density and depth in the back. Alsoit is a kind of very useful exercise to incorporate into your back training, especially as compound exercises to build both strength and mass. The T-bar Row can provide direct back muscle activation and allow you to lift more weight.  You will obtain your ability to leverage greater loads and isolate the muscles of the back with the T-bar Row. Here, we can’t wait to recommend D650 T-bar Row for you strongly. This classic D650 bodybuilding move targets all the major muscle groups in the upper, middle, and lower back. D650 T-bar Row provide a full-body workout by engaging your back, arms, delts, traps, chest, and core muscles. Plus, you can try different variations to hit your muscles from every angle. D650 T-bar Row can allow you to lift more weight. Due to the nature of this movement, you are able to leverage more weight. D650 T-bar Row can allow you to achieve greater potential overload. Lifting more weight can potentially lead to greater overload in the upper back, which is great for building strength. D650 T-bar Row allows for limited core involvement. Core strength is not a limiting factor in whether or not we are lifting weight. This allows for greater loading and isolation of the back muscles. D650 T-bar Row is less fatiguing. The R-bar Row targets only the back muscles which allows for quicker recovery times. This allows us to prescribe higher frequencies and higher volume for this exercise. D650 T-bar Row is easier to learn. As the complexity of the movement decreases, the lifter is allowed to focus on proper technique. Novices will be able to quickly pick up this movement in a safe and effective fashion. D650 T-bar Row can be a safer exercise. The T-bar Row does not load the lower back, therefore technical inefficiencies have less consequence. D650 T-bar Row can be a pain-free row variation for those with low back injuries. While the T-bar Row allows you to safely load your upper back, the barbell row can place the lower back in a compromised position.


  • Allow you to lift more weight depending on your need.
  • Achieving greater potential overload, leading to massive gains.
  • Less fatiguing and more efficient exercise.
  • Be easier to learn for most of people.
  • One safer exercise for users.


  • We recommend that you seek professional advice to ensure safety before using.
  • Do not exceed maximum weight capacity of the T-bar Row.
  • Always ensure the T-bar Row is on a flat surface before use.

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