SR36 – Adjustable Squat Rack

Model SR36
Dimensions 570*522*1162mm (LxWxH)
Item Weight 28.80kgs
Item Package 1230*610*145mm (LxWxH)
Package Weight 33.50kgs
Item Capacity (User weight) – 300kg | 661lbs
Certification ISO,CE,ROHS,GS,ETL
OEM Accept
Color Black, Silver, And Others

Products Details

SR36 – Squat Rack

When you want to get stronger, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the equipment choices in the gym. But one thing that is always clear is that you need access to a squat rack. Otherwise, how are you going to load hundreds of pounds on your back or over your chest for bench pressing? You can’t. And while it’s easy to decide that yes, you do indeed need a squat rack, it can be harder to choose the right squat rack for you. So the SR36 Squat Rack is a classic piece of strongman equipment-with a twist. It is made with heavy-duty steel frame that is larger, heavier, and much sturdier than other squat racks. It is incredibly versatile. This squat rack packs tons of multi-functionality in one frame. Its holes are compatible with many Kingdom attachments, such as… Great squat stand and they are super stable. Fantastic quality, very sturdy they don't even move when you rack the bar after squats or bench press. Its building quality is excellent, and the height is adjustable according to the users of different heights.SR36 Squat Rack is perfect for your home gym setup. You will admit, though, that the weight of these squat stands that contribute to its impressive stability not make it a little bit of a chore to move around. It is definitely different that carrying the amazon squat stands with one arm. Great product, you should have invested in you as soon as possible. SR36 Squat Rack is very stable with large weight capacity– It can load 450lbs at squat height without any problems. It is suitable for all its size -- Squats, Bench variations even Pull-ups. Purchase and use it right away, and you can stretch yourself durable. The powder coat finished on it is excellent, you would imagine this unit would a couple of decades


  • Separate and independent main frame design
  • Be easy and convenient to move and back around the floor
  • Adjustable height for the different users
  • Multi-functionally match other exercise fitness
  • Supper stability to ensure safety
  • 3-year frame warranty with 1-year warranty for all other parts


  • We recommend that you seek professional advice to ensure safety before using
  • Do not exceed maximum weight capacity of the SR36 Squat Rack
  • Always ensure the SR36 Squat Rack is on a flat surface before use

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