D970 – Lying Leg Curl Machine

Model D970
Dimensions 642X1814X693mm (LxWxH)
Item Weight 87kgs
Item Package 650x260x425mm750x260x325mm(LxWxH)
Package Weight 98kgs
Item Capacity (User weight) – 180kg | 396lbs
Certification ISO,CE,ROHS,GS,ETL
OEM Accept
Color Black,Silver, And Others

Products Details


The leg curl is one of the most effective isolation exercises for building muscles. It primarily targets bulking and strengthening of the hamstring muscle, making it a go-to machine for bodybuilders and powerlifters. Kept in commercial Grade. This Plate Loaded leg curl is a no cable change design that will allow for quick and easy adjustments during your workout. Lying leg curl target the hamstrings (biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus) and calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus muscles). When lowering your feet back down, your buttocks (gluteus muscles), thighs (quadriceps), and front of the shins (tibialis anterior) are activated too. The angled hip and chest pads on the Resolute Prone Leg Curl ensure proper alignment of the exerciser's knee with the pivot point to maximize comfort while isolating the hamstring. Our Plate Loaded gym equipment offers has over 10+ plate-loaded single stations focusing on specific muscle groups. This Plate Loaded Line is a top-performing line of commercial strength equipment. Traditional machine-based exercises are not considered functional by virtue of their inability to mimic activities of daily life. This Plate Loaded Line using the machine becomes an integral part of the exercise. Additionally, the rocking movement constantly shifts the user’s center of gravity to impose small, yet appropriate challenges to the core musculature, while maintaining adequate stability. The advantage is unrestricted joint movement and activation of the core. This gives you the benefit of stabilizing movement with functional training. The converging and diverging movement provides a unique, yet natural exercise motion. The rigid, fixed designs impose limitations on the joint movement that necessitates continuous adjustments by the joints to follow the unnatural movements of the machine. This increases the potential for injury. This line is a true innovation in strength training that effectively combines superior biomechanics with FUN to create an unforgettable movement experience.

Product Features

  • The main frame adopts rectangular tube with a cross section of 40*80
  • Seat cushion design accords with ergonomic principle, Choose the high density compression
  • V-bench design provides natural support and helps reduce low back strain
  • Adjustable foot rolls to accommodate different leg lengths
  • The handle of the hand is very soft you can better protect your hands while working out.
  • Excellent electrostatic powder coating with good adhesive force

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